Malden Island

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Malden Island, one of the Line Islands and now part of Republic of Kiribati lies due South of the Hawaiian Islands and of Christmas Island and is south of the equator. In 1962, I and 29 other Air Force weather, communications and Holmes and Narver support personnel spent 6 months here basking in the sunshine of a flat coral island 20 miles around with no trees and five feral pigs. Our mission was to provide upper air weather support to the nuclear tests on Christmas Island in Operation Dominic. Six months in the South Pacific.....

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Arriving Malden Island

View of Malden Island from the air while C-124 approaches for landing.

Welcome to Malden

Sign on way from airstrip to camp welcome's visitors. "Population 30 + 1 pig"

Camp and Transportation

Our limo service consisting of 1 dump truck and one jeep next to chow tent.

Water Tower

Water tanks on to of the tower. Sun heated the water for showers in the afternoon.

Hazardous Water Tower

Above this was the water tank. It occasionally grabbed our sondes on launch. At rear is power generation building.

Kitchen Tent

Here the famous Malden Restaurant food was prepared by our chef. Refrigeration units at right.

Operations Tent and Balloon Shelter

Inflation shelter for balloons next to the Operations Tent.

Our Communications Group

The 1957th Comm Group in front of their comm tent.

Power Generators

Holmes and Narver staff keep the electric generators going for the camp.

Our Island Mascot

We found a pig, rounded him up and named him Mose III 'Duke of Malden'. Fattened him up, too.

3 Jolly Fishermen

Wyatt, "Doc" Kayse and Don Garbutt after a great day of fishing. A favorite pastime but watch those sharks!

GMD-1A Tracking Balloon

View of our GMD from camp while tracking a weather sonde.

The Posessed GMD

Big Jim Fraser, my maintenance honcho tames the beast, our GMD1 during a run. Did we really track a 1 mb run???

Swim Party

Malden Resort's swimming hole is site for a party.

Our Swimming Pool

Dave Weiner takes advantage of one of the fine natural amenities at our fabulous Malden Resort.

Diving competition?

Gerry "Frenchie" Guay readies for the 'Keep your feet flat on the board' dive.

Peaceful Sunset

One of the many sunsets enjoyed every evening by the 30 + 1 pig of this deserted island.

The Plane Is Coming!

Everyone is alerted when the plane is sighted, mail call soon.

Blue Footed Boobie

One of the residents of Malden that nested on the east side of the enclosed lagoon. I borrowed this pic.

Malden Staff

Roster (part 1) of Flight F, 6th Weather Squadron, & 1957th Communications Group

Malden Staff

Roster (part 2) of 1957th Communications Group and Holmes & Narver Support Services, and our Army Medic.

Certificate of Appreciation

This certificate was presented to all Malden Island personnel by MSgt Kenneth Benson, our island commander.


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