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  Welcome to my Web site!


This web page contains some short narratives and pictures of my adventures during my eight year stay in the Air Force, Air Weather Service as a Weather Equipment Technician and eight year service in the Army Reserves as a Drill Sergeant and First Sergeant. Although most of these pictures are mine, there are some which I acquired from someone else, such as the pictures that were in my booklet from Malden Island, and some which I took after borrowing a camera from an English gentleman at Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. I also borrowed his bike to make the trip around the island to take pictures. Some were photos and some were slides which I scanned into my computer and enhanced. Some were damaged by water and I was able to recover some of those, and a few slides changed color over time, after about 40 years now, and I corrected those.


I hope you enjoy my web site. If you are an Air Force buddy from those times and have pictures that you want to share for this site, please e-mail me by clicking on this link  Gerry's E-Mail .


 What about me?

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 Photo Album

bulletCheck out my new online photo album filled with pictures from my military years.
bulletIn February I added extra pages to Port Moresby and Wewak, New Guinea due to the large photo collection provided by Doug Wilson. Doug was one of my two housemates in Wewak.

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Lowry AFB, Denver, Colorado  '59 - '60

2nd Phase Basic Training, Electronics School, Bomb-Navigation Systems School B-47


Off Base, Denver, Colorado '59 - '60

Lowry's location just outside Denver provided easy access to many activities and places to enjoy.

Chanute AFB, Rantoul, Illinois  '60 & '64

Weather Equipment School (Cross training), Weather Equipment School 7-Level


Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio  '60 - '61

Det. 1, 4th Weather Group Field Maintenance Shop, Servicing Weather Stations in East Central US


Tinker AFB, Midwest City, Oklahoma  '61 - '63

6th Weather Sq (Mobile), Upper Air Weather Soundings, Tornado Alley, Sferics Network, Weather Support for Special Projects & Nuclear Tests.


Greenville AFB, Mississippi, Summer '61

 Support of Sferics Network  at one of five sferics sites in US. My first TDY at 6th Weather Squadron (Mobile).

Malden Island, South Pacific  '62

 Operation Dominic Nuclear Tests. Six months on a deserted island with 30 guys. Great food.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands, NZ  '62

 4 days stay on 9 day round robin flight to numerous South Pacific Islands. Paradise on earth.

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea  '63

Support of Photomapping in SW Pacific. Site for RB-50s which flew the lines. A lot of Air Force People stayed here.

Port Moresby, Part 2  '63        

Additional pictures by Doug Wilson who I shared a house with in Wewak.

Wewak, Papua New Guinea  '63

A weather support site on the Northern Coast. Also a supply point for photomapping stations.


Wewak, Part 2  '63

Additional pictures by Doug Wilson and of our trip to Maprik, a jungle village.

Pease AFB, New Hampshire  '65 - '67

Det 6, 8th Weather Squadron providing weather support to SAC's 509th Bomb Wing.




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